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Sri Vivekananda Awasam:- Bhainsa / Mahisha

Located in tribal belt of Bhainsa in Adilabad district, the awasam houses 18 orphaned children . The inmates of the awasam are trained in various createive arts and vocational skills so that would be able to earn their sustenance of their own.

Sri Vivekananda Awasam an Affection home for the destitute children orphaned by accident for no fault of theirs. The little hearts need the warmth and affection of a family, with which they can feel at home. Bhainsa is the business hub for cotton trade on the AP Maharashtra border, located in tribal belt of Adilabad district. The Affection home now houses 18 orphaned children.

The children are wonderful and have been working hard to reach the firsts in the class. While a dedicated couple and full time volunteers of Sevabharathi, the children call them mataji and Acharya or the warden look after the day to day activities of the home, the Sevabharathi committee looks after the maintainance of the home. This summer ie the year 2004 the children have stayed with the child labourers at the Sevabharathi bridge school to see for themselves one of the projects of sevabharathi. It was astonishing to hear from the children that they too will one day raise up to help the children and run such schools. May God give them the strength to realise their ambitions! And thanks to the innovative idea of the volunteers today the children are more confident and more understanding. To inculcate the dignity of labour and selfreliance last year the children stayed with the local carpenter mechanic and such 5 different tradesman to learn a vocational trade for themselves. It has been learning for them.

Apart from vocational skills the children have a flair of drawing and painting. Their collection ranges from a beautiful house amidst the woods to the national leaders like gandhiji, netaji and Shivaji. This home for the little heroes has been in their service since 1996 to be precise 28th Sept 1996. On the eve of the seventh Annual day celebrations the children were lucky to be in the company of the Swamyji Sri Sri vidyanandagiri of the peetha, and also Sri Sanjay paswan the Union minister of state for HRD. Till date 5 children sponsored by the local business commuity are studying Intermediate in Warangal, Bodhan and Nizamabad. In the Board exams of 2004 two children have scored 491 a score that is highest in the town and around. It is the strong resolve of the volunteers of Sevabharathi that the children shall be trained in everyway various creative arts and vocational skills so that they would be able to stand as individuals and contribute whatever little possible back to the society.

Apart from the Affection home the local committee of sevabharathi is running a Free Medical aid center with the name DHANVANTARI for the past 10 years. There have been several places and habbitations still in India with out a Doctor even if there is one around people cant afford him. In such rural and inaccessible areas sevabharathi under the name Dhanvantari Medical Aid Center (DMAC) has been conducting permnant reggular medical aid centers. Like for example in bhainsa, Nighwa.The local private practitioners have become Volunteers to serve the masses, and today the rual people with medical aid from DMAC have a reason to smile. Nighwa is 20 KM from Bhainsa and Doctors from Bhainsa visit this place every Sunday to attend to the poor and needy. On an average there are 40 patients who benefit from the center. Sevabharathi has instilled a sense of confidence in the poor people with the Affectionate treatment and medical aid. Even diseases ranging from Seasonal illness like the brain fever, chronic diseases like TB, Leprasy, Cancer and deadly diseases like AIDS have now a check post the DMAC of Sevabharathi. Since 1991 Sevharathi has been wxtending Medical aid with the help of doctors, Private and Govt Practitioners, Medical representatives successfully. Awareness, Detection and Cure have been the three steps in the model that sevabharathi took up for a better medical aid.

26-11-1999 Bel tarod, Tanur Mandal ::  Sevabharathi has distributed the BELLADONA DRUG as a preventive step in the Primary School at Bel tarod in Tanur Mandal, in the presence of Smt Ganga bai Sarpanch of the village. Also present were the MEO Sri C Ganga Reddy, School Education Committee chairman Sri Datta sai, Non Formal Education Supervisor, Shivnath. 09-04-2000 Kamol, Bhainsa Mandal: A Village with a considerable no of SWADHYAYA Devotees but addicted to Arrack and Gutkha. There is a record of a couple of deaths due to AIDS in this village. Sevabharathi under the banner of Dhanvantari Medical Aid center has conducted an Awareness and Medical checkup cum treatment camp in Kamol. The chief Guest Sri Eswar Das MRO in his speech said "The rural people with lack of Awareness on Health and Hygene have been victims of the Diseases both common and dreaded ones resulting in avoidablesuffering.

Organisations like Sevabharathi should come forward to serve the growing medical needs of the people, Its not possible for the Govt alone to cater to the health needs. And Most of the Diseases can be prevented by just keeping surroundings clean and tidy. Dr Damodar has presided the inaugural function. He Said Youth are getting addicted to Drinking and other drugs like gutka. The village with so much devotees & followers of SWADHYAYA should stand as an example to others. Just as Addiction starts with imitation and temptation same is the case with the deaddiction. Everybody needs an example and once they find it they follow. The Addictions are now leading to dreadful diseases like AIDS. Women and Youth can play an important role in eradication of addictions. There after Medical check up and Free distribution of Medicines to the needy was conducted. Others that participated�.

Zilla Boudhik Pramukh, sri Damodar, Village sarpanch sri Nagabhushan, Zilla seva pramukh sri Nagamani linganna, President Dhanvantari Medical aid center  Sri, Dr Mahipal, Secretary Sri Dr Naresh, Treasurer Dr Venkatesh Padmawar, and Krishnadas, Medical Officer Sri Dr Nagaraju, and Doctors Dr Nalandkar, Dr Nachiketh Deshmukh, Dr Chakradar. April 06th 2001 : Kamol Bhainsa Mandal, A free medical camp was conducted  on 09th April 2001. A Doctors team from Nanded and nizamabad all specialists in various treatments shall be attending the camp. Saturday April 14 2001: Sidharthnagar, Bhainsa: Sevabharathi- Dhanvantari Medical aid center conducted a free medical aid camp in which 400 patients benefited. Dr Mahipal, Dr Santosh  Dr Mutyam reddy participated in the camp and conducted free checkup and examination to the patients. Medicines worth Rs. 20,000/- were distributed among the needy patients.  Also present were the state executive committee member of the Sri Saraswathy vidyapeetham Sri Digambararao masettywar AICC delegate, Councillor Moulaji, Dalita sena President sri Yashwant bantShoday Prsided the function, Damodar, Pundalik rao, etc� April 29th 2001:: Bhainsa, On Suday the DMAC (DHANVATHARY MEDICAL AID CENTER) has conducted a free Diabetic Check up and treatment camp at the Sarveswara school.

The Doctors team, Diabetis Spealists from Nanded Sri Dr Santosh Malpani, has on personal expenditure brought along the whole equipment chemical and technicians. He also conducted a Slide presentation to each and every patient on awareness of the Diabetes and how to live better with it. The Medical representative Sri Moinuddin of Otsira and SriPrashanth of the Pharma Company Medley distributed medicines to the deserving poor patients. The Blood and urine samples testing were conducted and reports made for each and every patient. President of DMAC Dr Mahipal, Secretary Dr Naresh and Dr Damodar reddy, Sri Nagmani Linganna zilla sevapramukh, venkatesh padma war, prachara pramukh sri Pundalikrao & others were present. July 2001: Sevabharathi has conducted a free Dental camp for the school children .

All the Schools both Private and Govt schools were visited and children were examined. Dr Seeraj, Dr Smt Siraj accompanied by Sevabharathi team of Doctors Dr Naresh, Dr Mahipal and Dr Santosh along with Dr Venkatesh padmawar. An Approximate 8000 chidren in and around the Bhinsa town were treated and examined in the month long drive. July and August: The Belladona Drug for Brain Fever was given to the Children of all the primary schools in and around the Bhansa mandal. 30th Sept: World Heart day: A Special Cardiology camp was conducted on the eve of World Heart day. Cardiologist Dr Venkataramana and Dr Srihari from Nizamabad were invited and a total of 400 patients were registered and examined out of which 152 were found to be having the need for medical attention and further examination. The Medical representative from Pfizer Sri MR Vergese, and Md Moinuddin from Otsira, Sri Naresh from Modimundi suported the programme with the required drugs. October: A discussion on National Blindness Eradication program was conducted with Dr Keshavachandra of Adilabad Dist Civil Hospital. As a result every Monday the Eye technician has been active and several patients benefited as the cataract were also operated. This was possible only with the involvement of Sevabharathi.

Nov 04th 2001:: Sevabharathi DMAC has been conducting campaigns for the awareness and prevention of the Brain fever in the following primary Schools of the mandal Kumsara, Mirjapur, Jiddur, Mategaoin, Naregaon, Pendpalli. Dr G Santosh, Dr Naresh, Dr Bachuwar, Dr Vithal, Dr Das goud, Dr narmadareddy. December::  Sevabharathi has decided to take up another new Service activity and for this Hasgul village was selected. A team of youth was constituted and they called themselves the Youth Association. In the same village Vivekananda jayanthi was celebrated on 13th Jan '02 as a token of rememberance an AIDS awareness programme as well as the Free medical aid camp was also organised. To coincide with the Sankranthi the Rangavalli Competition was also conducted. The Youth Association President Sri Kdam Prakash read out the aims and objectives of the Association. Sri Venkatesh Padamawar presented the Sevabharathi Annual report. The Medical representatives from the MMC Sri Kishan rao, Micro bax Sri Sameer, Tidal pharma attended also representations came from companies of Deys, and Ozone.

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