Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sri Vivekananda Awasam, Bhainsa, Seva Bharathi Adilabad

Sri Vivekananda Awasam, Bhainsa, Seva Bharathi Adilabad:
వివేకానంద నిరాశ్రిత బాలుర వసతి గృహం

Located in tribal belt of Bhainsa in Adilabad district, the awasam houses 18 orphaned children . The inmates of the awasam are trained in various createive arts and vocational skills so that would be able to earn their sustenance of their own.

Sri Vivekananda Awasam an Affection home for the destitute children orphaned by accident for no fault of theirs. The little hearts need the warmth and affection of a family, with which they can feel at home. Bhainsa is the business hub for cotton trade on the AP Maharashtra border, located in tribal belt of Adilabad district. The Affection home now houses 20 orphaned children.